What Kind of Vehicle are You Using

Gautam Buddha continuously says that when you see a beautiful woman, don’t forget that she is just a skeleton, just as you are a skeleton, covered with a bag of skin. Maybe someone has a little longer nose and somebody has a little smaller nose, and somebody has round eyes and somebody has a different shape, but inside it is the same blood, bones, flesh. Beauty seems to be only skin-deep.

If you have X-ray eyes you will be surrounded with skeletons all around.

Just recently it happened in Europe that one woman was driving a crane and she struck an electric pole. The shock was so tremendous, she fell down in a coma. She did not die, but after a few hours she came back to consciousness with a strange phenomenon: her eyes had become X-ray eyes. Now she is suffering from a tremendous migraine…but doctors are using her in the hospital as an X-ray machine. She has opened a new dimension. Because of too much electricity the eyes have changed. Now they can see deep down inside you, and she is completely horrified. She cannot open her eyes because she cannot see your face; she can see only your skeleton. She cannot see your skin and your beautiful nose. She is the first woman who sees people as they actually are, without any illusions.

Asked, “Do you feel some difference between beautiful people and ugly?” – she laughed. She said, “There is no one who is beautiful and no one who is ugly. All are skeletons and horrible.”

Book Title
The Invitation

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