“A mantra is a spell to take away things which are not really there. For example, a mantra will help you to drop the ego. Ego is a ghost, just an idea. That’s why I say to you that I am here to take away things which are not really with you, and to give you things which are really there. I am here to give you that which you already have, and I have to take away that which you never had but which you are thinking that you have. Your miseries, your hurts, your ambitions, your jealousies, your fears, greeds, hatreds, attachments – those are all ghosts...
All your problems are your creations. A mantra is a strategy to take away your illusions, and when the illusions are taken away, that which remains behind is the truth. The mantra only takes the false. It cannot give you the real, it can only take the false. But that’s enough. Once the false is taken, once the false is understood as false, the truth arises. And truth liberates. Truth is liberation.”
OSHO: The Heart Sutra, Chapter 9

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