It is not the stars that guide us but the divine light….
If only the lamp of divine secrets be kindled in your inner self the rest will come, either all at once or little by little….
The dark skies of unconsciousness will be lit by the divine presence and the peace and beauty of the full moon, which will rise from the horizon shedding light upon light, ever
rising in the sky, passing through its appointed stages … until it shines in glory in the center of the sky, dispersing the darkness of heedlessness…. 
Your night of unconsciousness will then see the brightness of the day...
Then you will see from the horizon of Divine Reason the sun of inner knowledge rising...It is your private sun, for you are the one whom Allah guides...
Finally, the knot will be untied… and the veils will lift and the shells will shatter, revealing the fine beneath the coarse; the truth will uncover her face. 
All this will begin when the mirror of your heart is cleansed. The light of Divine secrets will fall upon it if you are willing and ask for Him, from Him, with Him.


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