Unconditional love and ending relationships

Sometimes when beginning your spiritual journey or even when your well into it, it can become difficult to decipher and understand the seeming two opposite ways of thinking. On one hand you are told to love unconditionally, to always forgive and so on, and then on the other hand, we are told that cutting ties and ending relationships with people that no longer serve the greater good, on your spiritual journey is sometimes, if not usually necessary.

This can seem very contradicting at times, but in my opinion, both views are very true and can be understood in away that both serve the greater good and both can be done simultaneously with love, when necessary. First off, ending a relationship does not have to mean that love or feelings of caring are no longer there, it just means that you have learned and evolved whatever parts of yourself, that were meant to be learned with the help of that relationship, and now it is time for the two of you to spread your wings and fly in different directions, taking with you the lessons learned and memories shared.

Unfortunately, very few relationships end with either partner having this kind of understanding, and even fewer where both do. This is why we see so many husbands, wives, family and friends standing in court together on opposite sides. If we could try to look at things differently an understand "bad things'' happen in all kinds of relationships, and if we could learn to move on from past relationships, by letting go of the pain and sorrow they may have caused you and focus on what lessons they taught you, and what you learned about yourself, even if it was only how much stronger you were than what you thought, there would be alot less pain in this world.

We can learn to be thankful for our experiences, the ''good'' ones and the ''bad'', then move on with forgiveness, strength and being thankful, not only for the experience, but for the person in that relationship with you, and what ever it was they helped you learn about yourself or life. 

They may have crossed you, back stabbed you, or even caused you real pain, you do not have to remain a part of their life, if you have tried countless times to work things out but patterns keep repeating themselves, for your own sake take your lessons learned, give thanks for them, then thank and bless the other person for those opportunities, and move on.

Remember, everything happens for a reason. People come into our lives so we can learn from one another and sometimes the time we spent together, was not as long as we had planned, but when big things end, bigger things are coming !! Love your experiences and those who took part in it, as life is a learning process that couldn't function without those who challenge us, to make necessary changes.

Heather Rulton

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