Your Happiness lies in your hands,
and is awaiting your happy receiving of the miracle.
NOW, more than ever before, it is important to answer the call from deep within yourself,
as your Self is waiting to be Welcomed,
as your Self is waiting for you to welcome Home.

Do not let your Self unanswered,
do not wait a moment longer for your ultimate freedom,
your long-awaited Happiness,
your pure sense of JOY,
your deep inner Peace
to be revealed to you.
For they are yours.
They belong to you.
They are in fact part of you.
A part that wants to be known by you,
as your Self makes itself known to you,
for the first time,
you WILL see the splendor and the greatness,
the brilliance and the Glory of your Being. 
This is You.
Here you are.
In full Glory and Magnificence,
for the first time,
as its Majesty is no longer hidden behind the false sense of pain having let go of the “last shards” -the last remnants- of a broken dream once cherished and hold dear.
This is You.
This is who you are.
Forever one with Love.
at one with every aspect of creation,
and limitless in power and in peace.
Welcome your Self,
as you are welcomed Home.
This will be your Home where you will abide forever in JOY, in PEACE, in HAPPINESS.
Such is the Home God has meant for you.
Enter it.
And Live the Life of greatness that is yours.
the life of greatness that is yours to live.
Live it,
a life of true greatness,
that is the perfect, brilliant and absolute reflection of the Love that you recognized,
within yourself.

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