When you’re doing what you do, do it with joy. Instead of waiting for the situation to bring you joy, choose to give joy to the situation.

Give joy for the fact that you’re here to experience whatever you may be experiencing. Give joy for the satisfying reality that you’re making a difference in life.

Give joy to what you do, and you’ll be more positively focused and effective at it. Give joy to the people you encounter, and you’ll give those encounters a very good chance of being positive and fulfilling.

Be the person who brings positive energy into the room. Be the person who reminds everyone else how good it can be to be alive.

Simply choosing to be joyful can actually make you joyful. It’s a powerful choice that you can make at any time, again and again.

Joy costs you nothing to give, and it can mean so much to everyone it touches. Give joy, live joy, and experience life at its best.

Ralph Marston

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