What is hidden GROWS
Feeling is living, but it happens that feeling involves going through illusory fears and anguishes, and the ego has got used to distract you from your feelings with “the enjoyment of the world”. Some people choose the way of feeling good and improved, and of seeing themselves attractive and acceptable to others. They cover what comes out from inside, they repress and they don´t show it, they bury it because they are tired of seeing it. They do not know how to release it and so, they are even more captives of those grudges. They still do not understand what the meaning of release is. Releasing is learning that, at this level everything is the same, feeling good or feeling bad is the same ... It is the same... It is neither good nor bad, it is a judgment due to the great fear. Don´t classify for fear of these illusions my dear brother. There is not any person who is loved more than another, or there is not a better position than another, ... you're just afraid.

~ Rama

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