Living well is not a matter of proving you’re better than everyone else. Living well is a matter of demonstrating how truly and authentically good life can be from your unique perspective.

Living well is not about needing or having or getting. Living well is about being genuinely thankful for your situation in every moment, and choosing to make it even better.

Living well can never come from putting others down. On the contrary, the surest way to living well is by lifting others up.

Living well is not wishing or hoping, or even fondly remembering. Living well is living well now.

Living well is very much within your reach, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Give your life the outstanding value it is due, and you’ll indeed be living well.

With your thoughts, feelings and actions, celebrate the moment and celebrate the beauty of those who are around to live it with you. That is the real joy of living well.

Ralph Marston

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