If something matters to you, then invest yourself in it. Put your time, energy, resources and efforts into whatever is important to you.

Don’t just claim that something is a priority. Demonstrate that it’s a priority with the way you live your life.

Without commitment, action and persistence, your dreams, hopes, and goals end up as nothing but frustrating disappointments. You’re worthy of much more than that, so work each moment of each day to create the outstanding life you deserve.

Every moment, every situation, every challenge, every obstacle provides you with the opportunity to invest yourself. Give of yourself in positive and meaningful ways, and enjoy the satisfying, rewarding returns on the investments you make in life.

The more of a vested interest you have in anything, the more fulfillment you’re able to enjoy. Life is about making a difference, so make your life truly rich by using your days to add value in creative, significant ways.

Invest yourself, joyfully and enthusiastically, in this day, in this life. Your own unique greatness is here for you to fulfill.

Ralph Marston

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