Remember Yourself as Light

While waking ― moving, eating, working ― remember yourself as light. As if in your heart a flame is burning, and your body is nothing but the aura around the flame. 

Allow it to go deep within your mind and your consciousness. Imbibe it. It will take time, but if you go on thinking about it, feeling it, imagining it, within a certain period you will be able to remember it the whole day. 

The second step is to take it into dreaming. While falling asleep, go on thinking of the flame, go on seeing it, feeling you are the light. Remembering fall down asleep. And the remembrance continues. In the beginning you will start having some dreams in which you will feel you have a flame within, you are light. By and by, in the dreams also you will move with the same feeling. And once this feeling enters the dreams, dreams will start disappearing and there will be more and more deep sleep. 

When in all your dreaming this reality is revealed ― that you are light, a flame, a burning flame ― all dreams will disappear. Only when dreams disappear can you carry this feeling into sleep, never before. Now you are at the door. 

Once you enter sleep with the feeling that you are a flame, you will be aware in it ― the sleep will now happen only to your body, not to you. 

If you can be aware that you are a flame, a light, that sleep is not happening to you, you are conscious. You are carrying a conscious effort. Now you are crystallized around that flame. The body is asleep, you are not. 

Osho,The Book of Secrets

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