You need mind to drop mind

THE MIND is the bridge between matter and consciousness, between without and within, between
the gross and the subtle. When I say mind is the bridge, I mean many things. Man comes to the
world through mind; man comes to the body through mind; man comes to desires through mind. So
wherever you reach, the reaching is always through the mind. If you create a hell for yourself, you
create it through mind. If you create a heaven, that also is through mind.
One of the Zen patriarchs, Hui-Hai, has said, ”Mind is heaven and mind is hell.” So whatsoever you
are or whatsoever you can be, it will depend ultimately on how your mind works. This working can
create something for you which is not; this working can reveal to you that which is. So a mind can
create a very illusionary world around it: it is capable. It can dream, and it can dream so real that
you cannot even detect that whatsoever is seen and perceived is not real.
So mind has a projective force; it can project. That which is not, mind can create. And because
mind can create that which is not, it can forget that which is. It can just be in such a state that the
reality is never in any contact with it; and whatsoever happens, it depends only on the mind. So the
mind has to be taken as the root of everything that one can experience. Even if one has to know
the Divine, one has to go through mind. Of course, that going is difficult because that going implies
dropping of the mind. Even if dropping of the mind is needed, it is through mind – because unless
you drop the mind you will never be able to know the true.

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