Celebrate now. Sing, dance, love, be. You say: WHY ARE METHODS NEEDED WHEN RELEASEMENT CAN HAPPEN INSTANTLY, HERENOW? Because you cannot trust me, that’s why. You cannot trust me. I go on declaring that you are Buddhas, already enlightened, but you are sceptical about it. You can believe – that too very grudgingly – that a Gautam Buddha may have become enlightened, maybe, perhaps. A Jesus became enlightened, maybe. You can grudgingly concede that much, but to concede that you are enlightened is too much. You cannot give such a gift to yourself; you are so against yourself, you are so condemnatory towards yourself. You can immediately accept it if somebody says that you are a sinner. Just think of it; if somebody says you are a sinner, you are ready to bow down. Even if on the surface you deny it, deep down you know that he is right because from the very beginning you have been taught – you have been poisoned – that you are a sinner. The teaching has gone into your very blood and bones and marrow; it has become part of you that ’you are a sinner’. All the religions of the world have been teaching this; for centuries, generations upon generations have been doing only one work: condemning man.
You are not even aware of the self-condemnation that you have for yourself, the hate that you have for yourself You don’t love yourself, how can you allow yourself to be a Buddha? Releasement can happen this moment, but you won’t allow it, hence methods are needed. If people can trust me, then there is no need for any method. The method is not going to help the releasement. Let me remind you, the method is only going to help you trust me. So I send you into therapy groups. Teertha and Divya and Siddha and Amitabh and Pradeepa – these people will work on you. They will help only one thing: they will help you to trust me.
The whole function of therapy groups here is totally different than it is in the West; it has a totally different meaning and significance. It is to create trust, it is to create a little love for yourself, it is to create acceptance. Then I send you into meditations; those meditations are cathartic. A cathartic meditation is just throwing all the repressed energy that is boiling in you, that won’t allow you to trust. Dynamic, Kundalini, and others will take away much energy that hinders; it will be released. Slowly slowly you will become capable of trusting. It is only because of lack of trust that methods have to be invented. If you trust already, then there is no need for any method. You ask me: WHY ARE METHODS NEEDED WHEN RELEASEMENT CAN HAPPEN INSTANTLY HERENOW?
Releasement will always happen instantly; whether it happens today or tomorrow it will always happen instantly, suddenly. It is a sudden experience, a lightning, and the whole past disappears; you are abruptly cut from the past, you become discontinuous with it. The old disappears and the new is born. And the new is not a modification of The old; it has no relationship with the old, it is simply unrelated with the old. The old has not caused it either, it is not an effect of the old, it is utterly unrelated with the old. Krishnamurti has been saying the same thing for at least fifty years, but nothing much has happened. He goes on saying that it is possible just now – be aware, be awake. And people go on listening, because the problem is they cannot trust Krishnamurti that this can be just now. Their minds are spinning and weaving inside ’This is not possible – how can it be possible? What will happen to my past karmas? I have to undo them. And what about all the crimes and the sins I have committed? I have to be punished for them. And what about the Judgement Day? How can it happen right now?’ Deep inside these unconscious rumblings go on and on. And you go on listening...
Seeing the failure of Krishnamurti, I have invented methods. I am saying essentially the same thing, because the message cannot be different. But I had to invent methods so that they can destroy your mistrust. Methods will help you to become unblocked; they will help you to become more flowing, they will help you to be less frozen – they will melt you, they will warm up the process of your being. Releasement is going to happen instantly, any moment it is going to happen. But if you are ready, it can happen this very moment – not even a single moment more do you have to wait. WHY ARE METHODS NEEDED WHEN RELEASEMENT CAN HAPPEN INSTANTLY, HERENOW? Because of you, not because of me. From my side I am very much puzzled why it is not happening to you. It should happen, why is it not happening? Why do you go on listening without understanding it? Why do you listen only intellectually? Why can’t you listen from the heart, from your totality? It is a constant wonder to me – a miracle – that people can go on listening every day and can remain the same, hence the methods. The methods are not for the releasement, you are not going to
become enlightened through any meditation, no; nobody has ever become enlightened through any meditation, but the meditations help. In a negative way they help; they remove the rocks and the stream starts flowing. They don’t create the stream, they can’t create it – how can rocks create the stream? They have nothing to do with the nature of the stream, but they can prevent it. Because there are things which are preventing you from trusting the moment, trusting God, trusting life, trusting existence, you are shrunk in fear, in doubt. In doubt and fear you have armoured yourself just to be secure, safe; you have created a great armour around yourself. Your body is no more an opening to existence; it has become closed. Your windows, your doors, are all closed. The sun rises – yes, the sun rises in the evening – but it cannot penetrate in you. It goes on rising, it goes on knocking on your door, but the knock is subtle – so subtle, so silent, that you cannot hear it in your noisy mind, in that constant chatter that goes on inside you. These methods are negative methods; they will not give you enlightenment, but they will remove the barriers. And once the barriers are removed, once all the barriers are removed, enlightenment happens. It is nothing that you have to achieve; when you are available... the release, the liberation.
You say: I AM SO TIRED OF TRIPS. Really? I don’t think so. If one is really tired, then one’s trips are finished. You are still hoping –maybe there is still some trip, some way of tripping so that you can attain. You are still hoping. You are looking out of the corner of the eye. ’Maybe I have failed ninety-nine times; but who knows ? I may succeed the hundredth time. I have failed up to now, but who knows? I may be trying the wrong methods, and there may be some right method. I have failed because I may have been with wrong
Masters, and there may be some right Master. I have failed because I have not put all of my energy into it; if I put all of my energy into it I may succeed. I have failed because the time was not ripe for it and now the time may be ripe.’ And a thousand and one excuses you can always find when you want to go on a new trip. If you are really tired, then who is preventing you? Then forget all about trips, relax, celebrate, be.
Nothing ever works, nothing has ever worked, because nothing is needed for it to work. Life is going
perfectly well – there is no need to do anything whatsoever. But this vision comes slowly slowly, when you have failed again and again and again. It sinks in very slowly. Our minds are very stubborn, hard, rock-like; they are not soft soil – they don’t allow anything to sink in easily. Hence sometimes it takes lives for a person to realize that nothing ever works. And that is a great moment when one realizes that nothing ever works, nothing can work. ’My whole effort to attain was absolutely wrong from the very beginning. It was wrong because what I am trying to achieve is already the case. It is wrong because I am searching and it is already there inside me.’ All efforts are meaningless. If a person is intelligent, he will understand it soon. If he is not intelligent, he will take a little longer; it depends on your intelligence. A very intelligent person, attentive, alert,
aware, will see the point in a single moment; with a single blow his head will disappear. He will see the point and all is finished – all misery, all hell, all search.
It all depends on you. You can make a trip out of me Now, the question is from Hal Duggan, and he is taking sannyas on the twentieth. It depends on you; that too can become a trip. From my side it is not; it is the end of all trips. It is just a declaration that enough is enough. Sannyas is a declaration that ’I am not going into any more trips’, that all methods have failed, and all paths have failed, that all paths lead astray, that ’I am not going to be caught into any method, into any path, anymore.’ Sannyas is a renunciation of all methods, all paths, all trips – psychedelic or otherwise. But you can also make sannyas a trip – it depends on you – and then you will miss again. Sannyas is not a trip. It is the realization that all trips are bound to fail. It is coming out of all trips, it is coming home. It is realizing the fact that you don’t waste your energy and time in searching for anything anymore, you don’t go on waiting for anything to happen in the future, because it is already happening – it has always been happening. Dance, sing, celebrate, be. God is, he has not to be searched for. God already is, you are not to discover him. All you have to do is dance a mad dance, you have to dance in such a mad way that all the doors are thrown open. You have to sing with such totality that the ego dissolves into that totality. You have to be in prayer, in gratitude, with such passion and intensity that the whole starts flowing towards you; your waiting becomes a magnetic field.

Sannyas is not a trip. So, Hal Duggan, remember it, it is not a trip. Don’t reduce sannyas to a trip. I am not a trip. I am not here to create new bondages for you, I am here to make you free, totally free. That’s why I don’t give you any discipline, I give you only awareness. That’s why I don’t give you any character, I give you only alertness. And out of alertness if a character arises, good. And out of awareness a character certainly arises, but a very fluid and flowing character. It is not a fixed mode of life, because all modes are dead, stagnant. A character arises out of consciousness, but the consciousness goes on changing, so the character goes on changing; the consciousness goes on reflecting each moment the new reality that is happening, and the character goes on corresponding to the new reality that is happening. There is continuous adjustment, spontaneous adjustment, between you and the whole.

The people who have fixed characters are always maladjusted, because they have a fixed character and life has no fixed character. God is characterless, and if you have a character you will never meet God, because your character will confine you into a certain strait jacket; you will become a stereotype, you will not be a living being anymore; you will be a noun not a verb. God is a verb not a noun. God is a process, a  dynamism; and a man of character, the so-called man of character, is dull, dead. He has to be dull and dead, because if he were aware he would have to see the changes that are happening around him and he would have to change accordingly. He has to remain drugged in his unconsciousness, he has to remain fixed with his character because he is always afraid that something may happen and he may have to change his character. He does not want to change his character so he goes on remaining unaware of all that is changing. He also
creates a society which is unchanging. That’s why in the East the society has remained unchanging, it is because of the so-called ’character’-obsession. If a man has to have a fixed character, then the society has also to be a fixed pattern; only then will he be adjusted, otherwise there will be difficulty. In the East thousands of years have passed and things have remained almost the same; they have not changed – they have not been allowed to change because then there is fear. And that’s what is happening in the West now: because things are changing, people are losing character, and the Western religious leaders are very much worried. Life is changing fast; science has released so many energies that life goes on changing. And one has to change with it, one has to keep pace with life. And if one has to keep pace with life, one cannot stay in a fixed mode. It is very easy to live in an Indian village and remain in a fixed mode; it is very difficult to live in New York with a fixed mode of life – you have to be more fluid. So the Eastern people think that Western people don’t have any character. What the reality is in fact is that the West has become more alive, more changing, and the East is still dull and dead, fixated, obsessed and afraid. ’If anything changes on the outside then I will have to change inside too, because my inside has to correspond with the outside.’ Small changes bring difficulties. For example, since electricity came to India, many Jainas have started eating in the night. Now, for centuries they have not eaten in the night – they had a fixed mode – but when electricity came, suspicions arose, doubts arose. Now, what is the problem? Electricity is there, light is there – there is no fear of any insect or any ant entering into your food – you will not be killing anything. Now in the night you can have more light than you have in the day, so many Jainas started eating in the night. Now, what is the problem? And when one thing falls, then other things start falling, because everything is connected; all things are connected with each other. If you can eat in the night and Mahavir is wrong about it, maybe he is wrong about other things too. That’s why the church has been fighting against science, because it creates suspicion. The church has believed that the earth is flat, and then science started saying it is not flat, it is a globe. Now, if Jesus is wrong about one thing, why can’t he be wrong about other things ? Then he is no more infallible; suspicion will arise. He may be wrong about God too, he may be wrong about the Judgement Day, he may be absolutely wrong, who knows? because he is fallible.
Religions have always insisted that nothing should change; these religions are all in the service of death. I am giving you a totally new vision: a religion of life not of death, a religion of intelligence not of stupidity, a religion of dynamism not of stagnancy, a religion which will keep you flowing with the flow of the total and will not in any way hold you back from the movement of the total. It will keep you in tune with the whole. I don’t give a character to you, I only give consciousness. My whole emphasis is on consciousness. Sitting is Zen, walking is Zen, talking is Zen, being silent is Zen. All should be only awareness. Awareness should be your God. Let awareness be the only fundamental law, and then you will be out of all trips; otherwise, it is difficult. You can go on changing from one trip to another. A Christian can become a Hindu; this is just changing the train – the trip remains. A Hindu can become a Christian, and nothing changes, only words; he will not go to the temple, he will go to the church. And the same can be done with me too, but remember that will be your responsibility. I can also become a trip to you. I don’t want to become a trip to you, I want to become a liberation to you. From my side I want you to be liberated, but still, your cooperation will be needed. The very idea of liberation, and you can catch hold of it and make a trip out of it. And your mind is very very efficient in making trips out of everything. Beware. Hal Duggan, on the twentieth you are going to become a sannyasin. Remember, this is not a trip, this is the end of all trips. Let it be the end of all trips. How long are you going to journey and journey and journey? Now, come home. Now, come to rest. Enough of the trips. Learn from me how to rest, how to relax, how to be.

Source: The Sun Rises In The Evening by Osho

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