Mahamudra means a total orgasm with the universe. If you have loved somebody, and sometimes you have felt a melting and merging, the two are no longer two. The bodies remain separate, but something between the bodies makes a bridge, a golden bridge, and the twoness inside disappears; one life energy vibrates at both the poles. If it has happened to you, only then can you understand what Mahamudra is. Millions and millions times deeper, millions and millions times higher is Mahamudra. It is a total orgasm with the whole, with the universe. It is melting into the source of being.
And this is The Song of Mahamudra. It is beautiful that Tilopa has called it a song. You can sing it, but you cannot say it; you can dance it, but you cannot say it. It is such a deep phenomenon that singing may convey a tiny, small part of it – not what you sing, but the way you sing it.
Many mystics have simply danced after their ultimate experience; they could not do anything else. They were saying something through their whole being and body all together: body, mind, soul, and everything involved in it. They were dancing; those dances were not ordinary dances. In fact, all dancing was born because of these mystics; it was a way to relate the ecstasy, the happiness, the bliss. Something of the unknown has penetrated into the known, something of the beyond has come to the earth – what else can you do? You can dance it; you can sing it. This is a song of Mahamudra.
Who will sing it? Tilopa is no more. The orgasmic feeling itself is singing. It is not a song of Tilopa; Tilopa is no more. The experience itself is vibrating and singing. Hence The Song of Mahamudra: the song of ecstasy, ecstasy itself singing it. Tilopa has nothing to do; Tilopa is not there at all, Tilopa has melted. When the seeker is lost, only then is the goal achieved. Only when the experiencer is no longer there, is the experience there. Seek and you will miss it, because through your seeking, the seeker will be strengthened. Don’t seek and you will find it. The very seeking, the very effort, becomes a barrier, because the more you seek, the more the ego, the seeker, is strengthened. Do not seek!
This is the deepest message of this whole Song of Mahamudra: do not seek, just remain as you are, don’t go anywhere else. Nobody ever reaches truth; nobody can because you don’t know the address. Where will you go? Where will you find truth? There is no map, there is no way, and there is nobody to say where it is. No, nobody ever reaches truth. It is always the reverse: truth comes to you. Whenever you are ready, it knocks at your door; it seeks you whenever you are ready. And the readiness is nothing but receptivity. When you are completely receptive, and there is no ego, you become a hollow temple with nobody in it.
Tilopa says in the song, become like a hollow bamboo: nothing inside. And suddenly, the moment you are a hollow bamboo, the divine lips are on you, the hollow bamboo becomes a flute and the song starts – this is The Song of Mahamudra. Tilopa has become a hollow bamboo, the divine has come and the song has started. It is not Tilopa’s song; it is the song of the ultimate experience itself.

From Osho, Tantra: The Supreme Understanding, Chapter 1

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