Let ripeness appear

In its own time

For the full flavor of the fruit. 

A green jackfruit

Can be softened by blows

But not made sweet. 

The Bauls say, "We are not searching for liberation." A lover, a seeker of love, never talks in terms of liberation. He says, "It is tremendously beautiful. All that is, is already beautiful. There is no need to be liberated from it. All that is needed is how to be in it, totally absorbed." The world is not a bondage for the Baul, and there is no need to struggle against it. In fact, the Baul says, "We love the bondage of the world because these fetters are also created by you, my Lord." 

The heart, a lotus, 

Continue flowering; 

Age after age, you are bound to it

And so am I... 

The Baul says to his God, 

You are bound to it

And so am I

And with no escape. 

The lotus blossoms, 



There is no end to it, 

But all these lotuses

Have one type of honey

With one particular taste. 

The bee is avid and unable to leave, 

So you are bound and I am bound. 

Where is freedom then? 

It is a great play of hide and seek between the energy that God is, and the energy that you are. It is the same energy in a great hide and seek. It is a great play! There is no need to end it. Let lotuses flower and blossom forever and ever. The world is beautiful: that is the basic Tantra attitude. Yoga says one needs to be liberated. Tantra says, for what, from whom? The bondage is beautiful because it is God's. Yoga will say to drop, by and by, all your attachments; and finally, one has to go beyond love. The Bauls say all attachments are beautiful! Go deeper into them so you don't remain with the periphery but you reach to the center. On the periphery is attachment, at the center is love.

Osho, The Beloved

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